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Here at Premier Limited we supply and install a full range of  Cycle Shelters, Bike Shelter, Canopy Shelters, Outside Bike Shelters, Secure Cycle Shelters, Bike Shed, 
Smoking Shelters, Motor Bike Shelter, Scooter Shelters, Waiting Shelter and Walkway Shelters.

We have fully qualified CHAS registered installation teams nationwide to install all our products to complete all works for you if required.

Purchase orders welcome. Simply email or fax your official order to us. We will confirm by email or telephone recipt of order and inform you of delivery date.

Or you can use our simple, 100% secure online ordering process, through SagePay (formerley ProtX). 

For credit card orders you can simply call on 0845 505 1111.

Bike Storage Shelters

We have a wide range of sizes and styles of cycle shelters to choose from. We can make to order if you cannot see what you require.
We will paint the shelter in colour of your choice.

The frames are of exterior grade steel and galvanised prior to powder coating and all shelters are polyester powder coated in the colour of your choice.

Cycle Shelters, Bike Shelter, Secure Cycle Shelter, Outside Bike Shelter, Bike Shed, Smoking Shelter, Motor Bike Shelter, Scooter Shelters, Waiting Shelters,
Canopy Shelters and Walkway Shelters.

Bike Lockers

Bike Locker

Secure Cycle Storage Shelters
Outside Bike Storage Shelters
Waiting Shelters
Secure Bike Shelters
Canopy Shelters
Bike Shed
Cycle Shelter
Bike Shelter
Cycle Storage Sheds
Bike Storage Sheds
Bike Storage Solutions

Just click on the links to the left for full product descriptions of all our  Cycle Shelters , Secure Bike Shelters, Secure Cycle Shelters, Outside Bike Shelter,
Smoking Shelters, Motor Bike Shelters, Scooter Shelters, Canopy Shelters, Waiting Shelters and Walkway Shelters.

Compound Cycle Shelter
Compound Cycle Shelter

Cycle Racks

Cycle Hoops

Cycle Shelter

Cycle Shelters

Supplied in component form or we can install for you. The cycle shelters are easy to install and have adjustable levelling feet for uneven surfaces. 
Floor fixings supplied if you wish to erect yourselves.

These cycle shelters will hold between 5 to 100+ bikes. Cycle racks are included with the cycle shelter.


Lockers Nested Together

If you would prefer you can fax your order on 0845 505 1111 or email

Our lockers are manufactured to the highest standards with the emphasis on being robust and cost effective.
Please look at our technical information under "Lockers" for further information.

Look at our extensive range of lockers on the left and click on the locker/s you require.

Storage Lockers

A wide range of school lockers available.

If you require technical support we provide;

Free site surveys.
Full installation service by our qualified technicians
Written quotations by email or post.
Telephone advice line.
Brochures sent by post or email.


Our steel cabinets are constructed to the highest standards to withstand the rigours of heavy use. Our steel cabinets come in commercial,
industrial cabinets and hazardous storage cabinet form, as well as for use in the office environment.

Hazardous Storage Cabinets
Office Cabinets
Storage Cabinets
Steel Cabinets

Steel Cupboards
Just click on the Cabinet links to the left to order your chosen cabinet.

Our smoking control shelters provide a clean, comfortable and sheltered area for employees who smoke without having to go “off site”.
It will also stop people needing to stand at the front of building entrances and exits giving the company a negative image because of the litter and passive smoking.
The Contemporary smoking shelter enables employers to provide a convenient smoking area away from main entrances and exits.

Smoking Shelters

Removes unsightly discarded litter.
Robust all-weather construction.
Easy on-site assembly.
Perch seating for extra comfort - see accessories.
Lighting accessories for night time or dark winter months.
Floor or wall mounted ash trays - see accessories. 

Premier Limited is very proud to bring our customers British Products manufactured in this Great Britain and provided to you by British workers.
We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service. Our mission is to provide exceptional quality products and service to our customers. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, quality products and workmanship.

We aim to provide the best quality products at a fair price. Sustainable transport is very important to our ethos, because we sell Bike Shelters encouraging schools and employers to promote cycling to school and work, as an environmental issue, is a pivotal point. 

We support environmental friendly practices whenever possible.

100% Secure Online Ordering
Or fax your order on 0845 505 1111
Card payment online or by phone. Cheque payment by post.