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Scooter Rack, Galvanised Only, for 10 Scooters - SR-G
Scooter Rack, Galvanised Only, for 10 Scooters - SR-G
Price: £834.00 Ex VAT: £695.00
Single Sided
Double Sided
Code: SR-G
Size : 750mm high x 1950mm wide
Delivery: Approx. 2 weeks

Free Delivery.

Galvanised Only.

Our scooter rack can cater for 10 or 20 scooters.

Scooter Rack Galvanised Only

Galvanisd only scooter rack shown above

Our 10 or 20 (single sided or double sided) Scooter Racks are an perfect way to store scooters in school.

As they are lockable this will keep the scooters safe and secure.

The appealing "Key" design feature allows the pupil to lock their scooter with a padlock

All our scooter racks are galvanised to prevent rust.

Painted in colour of your choice as well if preffered (please see product code SR1.)

Locking bolts for scooter rack

This is a very robust design and manufactured in fully secure welded mild steel tube of 50mm diameter.

All scooter racks are available in a range of colours and finishes.

Fully Galvanised

The Scooter Racks can be bolted to a concrete surface or root fixed
with concrete underground to ensure secure fixing.

The locking mechanism on our scooter racks has been designed with younger children in mind and is very easy to use.

It is a simple bar in the shape of a key that needs to be slotted into place and a padlock added to secure the scooter safely in place.

Please note that the padlocks are not provided. Click here for padlocks - CLICK HERE
Click here to view colours available - CLICK HERE

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