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Lockable cycle shelters are a great solution for apartments and flats!

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Living in a flat or an apartment block is a great easy way of life, particularly if you don't like the hassle of keeping a garden. A lot of new flats are being built without the expense or use of space for providing a garage as well. Usually just car parking space is sufficient. The problem then lies with having cycle hoops or cycle shelters without any form of security however. Even if bikes are chained up - parts of your bike can still be stolen.

In some areas residents have got together to purchase our lockable cycle shelter to solve this problem. This is on the increase as more and more people are taking to their bikes instead of putting fuel in the car. Our Sennen Lockable Cycle Shelter is one of our best sellers.

The Sennen Lockable Cycle Shelter for 10 bikes comes with lockable door to the front or on the side of the shelter to your preference. The Sennen cycle shelter has loads of space inside for the cycles and cyclist, unlike many lockable shelters which restrict movement inside the shelter due to lack of room.  This is due to it's extended front, which can be seen below, which gives more room between the cycle racks and front wall more than any other in its class.

Lockable Economy Shelter for 10 Bikes

The Sennen Cycle Shelter can store up to 100+ bikes with our extension modules. 


Comes with free cycle racks.
This cycle shelter has an extended front to enable the user to "walk" their bike to the stand undercover.

Side door fitting or front door fitting if preferred (no extra)

Economy Cycle Shelter with Gate to Front

The frame is hot dipped galvanized to prevent any rusting in the future and then powder coated in colour of your choice. 

Size - 4100mm w x 2800mm d x 2200mm h 

An angled roof to shed water to the rear. 

Our ClearView PET roof and side wall sheeting gives all round visibility. 

Baseplate fixing to concrete or Tarmac. 

Full height entry to park the cycle and remove wet weather clothing. 

Click here to view colours available for our shelters - CLICK HERE


Shelter above shows below ground fixing, i.e. pockets dug and fixed into tarmac or concrete.

Galvanised Shelters

Secure Lockable Cycle Shelter in Green

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