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Maintenance Schedule/Shelters

Shelter Care and Maintenance Recommendations

Our shelter products will give you many years of reliable service and maintain it’s good looks with minimal amount of care and attention.
To assist you with the care of your product, Wet recommend the following maintenance programme for all of our shelter products.

Weekly maintenance schedule

Carry out visual inspection of all components and check for damage, make good any defects found.
Check ground anchorage.

Quarterly Maintenance Schedule

As Weekly Maintenance Schedule, plus;
Clean down shelter with soapy water only. Do not use any abrasive products or materials.
Rinse off with clean water and allow to dry.
Check for any chips or scratches to the metal finish, and touch up where required
(Aerosol touch up paints can usually be obtained locally using the RAL colour as a reference.
In case of difficulty obtaining touch up, please contact us.)
Lubricate any hinges, catches, runners or locks on gated shelters or compounds.

Annual Maintenance Schedule

As Quarterly Maintenance Schedule plus:-
Check all fixings for security and tension.

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