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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving can reduce the floor space utilised for filing by up to 40%. This space can be used for additional storage or give additional space for workstations.

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We Supply, Deliver and Install All our Systems

Each mobile system is designed to fit the area it is to be installed into, we offer a full design service including site surveys, CAD layouts and detailed floor loading and technical data to establish the most space efficient and practical configuration.


It is most commonly found in:

• Offices for archives and consumables.
• Hospitals for medical and X-ray records
• Architects practices for drawings
• Doctors surgeries for patient records
• Libraries for stored books and publications.
• Universities and colleges for libraries
• Museums for exhibits not in use.

Increased capacity - Nearly double your storage capacity.

More space - Free up valuable floor space.

Improved security - Mobile storage systems prevent access to sensitive documents as the units can be locked against the adjoining one.

Improved access speed - Information that may have been stored elsewhere due to lack of space can now be kept in one convenient place.

Improved store management - Because all information is in one area, management is more efficient.

Decor - We can provide finishes to match your environment.

Accessories - Tailor made systems to suit your media.

  • Imaginative design solutions to meet individual needs

  • Enhanced safety and security

  • Increased capacity through innovative design

  • Medical records

  • Library storage

  • Archive filing

  • Retail stock storage

  • Security vaults

  • Parts storage

  • See below how a mobile system can almost double your storage capacity without taking up valuable additional floorspace.


    A mobile storage system is ideal for both paper and magnetic media. Our systems can be designed to accommodate and secure the different sizes and shapes of today's media, which can be easily updated should the size or format change.

  • Multimedia

  • Video

  • Magnetic tapes

  • Film

  • Compact discs

  • DLT tapes

  • 3480 tapes

  • Dat tapes

  • If you require further information (brochures) or would like a no obligation quote for a scheme you have in mind please do not hesitate to contact us.

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