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New Antibacterial Lockers, Cabinets & Shelving.

Posted on Wednesday, 19 January 2005 02:02PM by
Reduce the risk of cross-contamination with our Active Coat anti-bacterial protected lockers and cabinets. You may not want to think about it but every surface in the working environment is a potential breeding ground for bacteria. As lockers and personal storage feature more prominently in Human Resources planning, we can now offer an effective method of reducing this threat with the introduction of Active Coat technology. [image]Active_Coat[/image] Our Active Coat products include our lockers and cabinets as well as garment dispensers and collectors. Available in standard colours this range provides a valuable contribution to hygiene management in healthcare, food processing and retail as well as other areas where due diligence demands every effort is made to reduce the risk of contamination. Active Coat is a new, patent-protected powder coating which inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency. Although this is no substitute for correct cleaning practices, the incorporation of Active Coat into the manufacturing process provides users of our products with the peace of mind that every effort is being made to maintain a hygienic working environment. The anti-microbial efficacy of Active Coat products has been tested against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as fungi and this function has been used extensively in many sectors as an excellent anti-microbial with low toxicity against non-target organisms. We now coat ALL our Lockers, Cabinets and Shelving in Active Coat, now at no extra cost to you.