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Aluminium Door Lockers

For use in wet, humid or damp environments. Also dry changing areas.

Strong all-aluminium construction makes these lockers particularly suited to changing areas where theft or vandalism is likely.

Height: 1800mm
Depth: 450mm
Width: 300mm
Variable compartment heights:
Single door: 1780mm.
Two door: 890mm.
Three door: 570mm.
Four door: 455mm.
Half door over two quarter doors.

Body panels, frame and shelves are anodised aluminium alloy (1.6mm thick to BS 1470NS4H6), with aluminium doors (3.5mm thick to BS 1474HE9TE)or Trespa laminate doors 10mm thick.

Self-colour, anodised to 25 microns. Lock plates and compartment dividing trim in a choice of colours.

Laminate Door Lockers

  • Strong aluminium construction.

  • Doors are heavy gauge extruded aluminium, 3.5mm thick, to resist perforation & impact damage or 10mm thick Trespa laminate doors.

  • Aluminium doors have vertical reinforcement ribs for additional strength and wrap-around edges to resist leverage.

  • Lock tongue is fully protected against leverage.

  • Full length interlocking protective hinges.

  • Laminate Doors

    Trespa Athlon is a flat panel for interior applications based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Using special techniques, the panels have an integrated, decorative surface with melamine-impregnated paper.

    Moisture resistant:

    Trespa Athlon is not affected by moisture, mould and rot do not occur. Both the surface and the core are made of thermosetting resins, which make them impervious to moisture.

    Resistance to scratches and wear and tear:

    The special surface structure and durability of Trespa Athlon make it highly scratch resistant. The panel retains its excellent properties for a very long time, even after intensive use. Tests in accordance with EN 438-2/91 prove that Trespa Athlon is highly resistant to wear. This means that the panel can be applied where it will be used intensively and cleaned often.

    Easy to Clean:

    The closed non-porous surface of Trespa Athlon does not attract dirt. Trespa Athlon panels can be cleaned with either normal cleaning agents or with strong disinfectants because the material is chemically resistant. Graffiti can easily be removed with an organic solvent without danger of affecting the colour.

    Chemical resistance:

    Trespa Athlon has a good resistance to organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, xylene and similar substances. The panel is also resistant to disinfectants and detergents, food juices and dyes. These affect neither the properties nor the appearance of the panel.


    Coin/Token return locks , Paylocks or Deadlocks.

    Optional 'Quick Release' lock fitting.

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