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Secure Lockers for every occasion!

Posted on Thursday, 13 June 2013 02:47PM by

Secure Lockers are needed in a wide variety of places and there is a design for each requirement. The benefits to getting the right locker for the right place is really important.

Take secure lockers for schools for example and the benefits of installing them in schools......

For many schools and colleges the decision as to whether they should invest in school lockers is a hard one. The decision often comes down to the debate of the benefits it would bring verses the expense of buying and installing the lockers. At Premier Limited, we understand the hard decision faced by schools and strive to provide affordable lockers whilst never compromising on quality. 

1. The most obvious advantage to lockers is security. The 21st Century child will be carrying a whole array of expensive gadgets in their bags like smart phones and iPods and anything else they could sneak in their bag while their parent’s backs were turned. Providing students with a secure place to keep their possessions will reduce the risk of anything getting stolen

2. Having your students place their bags in lockers removes the distractions that plague the modern day classroom. If the mobile phones and gadgets are tucked away in lockers, your pupils are free to focus on the task in hand, giving much more focus and learning.

3. Providing a place for your students to leave their bags reduces the strain on your students’ backs and shoulders, alleviating the need for them to carry heavy books and gym bags around all day.

4. Another major benefit of school lockers is the social interaction that they bring. We all know we are creatures of habit and children are no exception - they like to stick with their safe group of friends. Having lockers teaches your students about social responsibility and etiquette, as they learn to respect other people and their belongings. It will also encourage children to interact with other students that they wouldn’t normally associate with.

With School lockers it really depends how much space you have, how many children need to be accommodated for and also the amount of either wall space or free standing space there is to locate the locker area or areas. Making these areas a sociable space can really help to the dynamics of the groups within the school as well.

Here are some more examples of the different types of secure lockers we provide.

Specialist Secure Lockers

Clean & Dirty Locker
Clean and Dirty Secure Locker

For use when wet and/or dirty clothing needs to be kept seperate from everyday clothes. 

Our clean and dirty locker comes with coat hooks (or optional rails) in each hanging compartment. 

Top shelf in each locker is handy to store items such as mobile phones etc. 

The clean and dirty locker is generously sized at 1780mm h x 460mm w x 460mm deep. 

Sloping tops, various locking mechanism etc. are available as well as stands to sit the locker on to raise off the floor.
Compartment Pod Secure Locker

55 Compartment Pod Locker
£1,314.00 ex VAT
£1,576.80 inc VAT
Lock Cam (key) lock - 2 keys per door  Hasp & staple - for padlocks  
Colour Blue door  Grey door  Yellow door  Green door  Smoke white door  Red door  Cream door  
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10   
These are five door lockers. 
Size of individual locker - 1780h x 305w x 460d. 

55 Compartment Pod Locker
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