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The Benefits of Secure Storage Lockers

A steel storage cabinet/cupboard or wardrobe offers numerous benefits of which the best example is that of sturdy construction. Such sturdiness ensures that (among other things) the secure storage locker will offer complete protection for its various contents. Another benefit is that these cabinets are durable and will, when locked, also provide additional security. When heavy objects need to be stored safely, then a steel storage cabinet is the best choice as it is able to hold heavy objects without sagging or bending under the weight. Because secure storage locker is constructed from extremely tough steel components, a sturdily built steel storage cabinet will offer more  protection to whatever is placed on it. In addition, these storage cabinets are fire safe and will also protect contents from water.

Store Your Valuable items

Steel cabinets provide excellent storage solutions for valuable items, and because the cabinet can be locked, your valuable items will be stored safely and out of reach of thieves. These secure storage lockers also make for good display items and they offer a lot of security and privacy. It is not uncommon for such secure storage lockers to offer similar protection to that of a sturdy bank vault. Being fireproof and water resistant adds to the value of such secure storage lockers.

Handy For Storing Garage Tools

Steel wall storage cabinets are ideal for organizing all one’s tools and assorted weighty items. These cabinets are moisture resistant and solvent resistant as well. Tools that are used in the garage tend to be heavy and so are best stored in steel cabinets which can bear the weight.

A secure storage lockers with several drawers in it can also hold all necessary tools in a neat and organized way. This is because the secure storage locker is designed to provide sufficient width to make it easy to store tools that are long and which need to be stored in special ways.

Store Important Documents

A smaller sized steel cabinet makes for an excellent and safe solution for holding important documents that need protection against fire. Steel cabinets are fireproof which offers protection for items such as cash and precious valuable items.

Space Savers

Besides offering different safe and sturdy storage solutions , steel cabinets are also designed to save space. Even the doors in these cabinets can be used to hide many things that would otherwise have cause much clutter. This makes a home look neater and more organized.

Steel storage cabinets are invaluable because they help in storing household items that are normally very sparingly used, but which nevertheless have immense value and so need to be stored safely. Steel storage cabinets offer durability and are able to withstand heavy-duty usage and will not wilt or be damaged when exposed to the elements.

One of our best selling Cupboard/Wardrobe Secure Storage Locker featured here:

Each cupboard/wardrobe combination is supplied with three adjustable shelves, on clips so that they can easily be repositioned.

There is also an extra shelf with a hanging rail beneath for coats etc.

Seven colours to choose from. Just decide when ordering. 

This lockable cupboard comes with 2 keys. 

A useful optional extra is the Security Lock (hasp). Size - 1780mm h x 915mm w x 460mm d. Fully Assembled. 

This is an extra that will be fixed on at our factory ready to use. Please select from option list. 

The standard three point lock will still be present.    

£240.00 ex VAT

£288.00 inc VAT
RRP: £396.00 - you save £108.00!      
Cupboard/Wardrobe Yellow Doors/Smoke White Carcass

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