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There are many different storage and secure solutions in a variety of sizes now available and are confident we provide the very best quality BRITISH products for you to decide on.

Firstly we wanted to share with you the the Benefits of School and University Lockers in particular....

10 Reasons to Invest in School Lockers for storage and security

1. Security - They provide safe and secure storage for student's possessions.
Storage solutions for schools and universities
2. Healthy Students - Reduce the strain on Students backs and shoulders, by providing a School Locker to store heavy books and equipment during the day.

3. Reduce maintenance costs - Lighter and less cumbersome school bags reduce not only the wear and tear on students but also on the school building. Less scruffs, scratches and marks on doors, walls and tables.

4.Securing uninsured possessions - School's insurance usually doesn't cover student property, so providing a secure place 

5. Remove distractions from the class room, ensuring all electronic devices are out of the classroom. Providing a secure locker, means there is no excuse to take gadgets into the classroom.

6. An attractive method of storage - Providing colourful lockers in neatly stacked rows is an efficient and attractive way to store excess equipment. They eliminate the untidiness and mess you can get with cloakrooms and open storage areas.

7. Hygienic Storage - Using sloping tops, stops students from storing items on top of the lockers. This will ensure you have a locker area that remains easy to keep clean and hygienic.

8. Long Lasting - Student lockers will last for years, meaning the initial locker investment will serve students for generations to come.

9. Build a community - Reports have suggested that Lockers provide a place for students to communicate and interact with other students not in their usual peer group. This helps to build a school community, as different groups and people are allowed to mix.

10. Outdoor Storage - You can open up to more areas of access, even if parts of the building are closed off.

This one of our best selling lockers, not just for Schools and Universities, but also for home and garden . . .

1. Standard Cupboard - Code:STD703618COM

Size - 1780mm h x 915mm w x 460mm d. Fully Assembled. 

Door colours - Blue - Red - Yellow - Green - Grey - Smoke White. 

Carcass colours - Black - Grey - Smoke White. 

Each standard cupboard is supplied with three adjustable full width shelves. 65kg per shelf. 

This fully assembled, lockable cupboard comes with 2 keys. 

Extra shelves available at £20.00 each. Please see options below. 

A useful optional extra is the Security Lock seen left. 

This is an extra that will be fixed on at our factory ready to use. Please select from option list below. 

The standard three point lock will still be present. 

Standard Cupboard

Optional Security Hasp for Padlock fitting (below)


We have a full range of lockers however to suit all your needs. Storage lockers can be very useful in the garden shed as well for all of those expensive tools, provides additional peace of mind.

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