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The benefits of Lockers in the workplace

Posted on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 12:51PM by
There is usually only a discussion of getting lockers into the workplace , when a problem arises. Usually, a high degree of trust exists between employees from all departments, whatever role or service they provide within the company building. However, theft in the workplace is a real problem and usually there is nothing that most employees can do about it. Usually in company handbooks, it states that personal belongings are the responsibility of the employee and no insurance is available to compensate any loss. You can, as an employee usually claim on your home insurance for any loss outside the home, but this is a massive inconvenience and you are usually out of pocket immediately to replace the stolen items.

Employers could save a lot of time and money lost in time, in the long run by making lockers available to all employees. Not only will this help security, but it will go closer to eliminating clutter in the workplace - clutter in the workplace usually means lower productivity, so again the company benefit and so does the employee. 

Lockers are not only meant for storing the precious or important objects, but they also assort complete belongings of the house or workplace to prevent the cluttering condition. Therefore, they are required in every home, workplace, school and anywhere where you need to leave your belonging, order to keep the belongings in a right place, make the place uncluttered and ultimately secure. 

Benefits to the employee for providing a locker in the workplace

Image also how special you would feel as a new employee being shown in induction your locker, with your name on it - You would feel that your employer wanted you to belong, feel secure and how professional a company they are!

The biggest factor is choosing the locker according to the place and requirements such as for school, house, offices and other places. Typically, there is a change in the design of a locker as per the place and keeping the basic and vital factors in mind such as durability, style, lightweight and strong.

One of our simple and best selling lockers bought for home and public places is our

 One Door Locker - Code:701212

Below shows the range of colours for the carcass of the lockers (Black, Smoke White and Silver). 
We do not charge extra for these colours. 


Below shows the range of colours for the doors of the lockers (Red, Blue,Yellow, Green, Smoke White and Silver). 
We do not charge extra for these colours.

 Locker Details



Our single door locker comes with an internal top shelf and two coat hooks for garment hanging. Two keys provided per door. 

All steel construction. Anti-bacterial powder coated paint as standard. 

Fully assembled and boxed when delivered. 

Doors fully reinforced with internal strengthening bar, combined with, not three, but five knuckle hinges make these extremely strong and robust doors.

Ventilation holes in corners aid breathability of internal compartments. 

Thicker steel is used for the frame work which adds to the robust nature of our lockers to provide years of maintenance free use. 

Also, the modern design complements all environments, from warehouse to office floor.