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There are benefits to businesses investing in smoking shelters for employees that do smoke

Posted on Thursday, 13 December 2012 03:48PM by
There is a continual dilemma for medium to large businesses, when it comes to helping promote the company image and look after the interests and motivation of all employees. Smoking in the work place continues to cause stress and issues. Smoking shelters are a great way to accommodate smokers at any business, restaurant or other public establishmen t. More and more businesses are moving toward these shelters in light of recent state and local laws that prohibit smoking inside any public place.

Each year, more states are outlawing smoking in public places; if your state does not forbid indoor smoking at restaurants and other businesses yet, there is a good chance that may change in upcoming years. As health concerns regarding second-hand smoke continue to rise, you'll need to find a way to satisfy both your non-smoking and smoking employees and clients. The installation of a smoking shelter is a cost-effective, quick and convenient way to solve this dilemma.

Non-smokers are often concerned when smokers congregate just outside the entrance to your business. In fact, some new state laws that forbid smoking in public establishments require that smokers stand at least 15 to 20 feet from the main entrance to the establishment while smoking. With the addition of a smoking shelter, smokers will gather in the area you designate and customers will be relieved to avoid a cloud of smoke and having to navigate through a clustering of people just to get to your building's entrance.

Smokers will also enjoy the protection from weather elements that a smoking shelter provides. Since the structures are completely covered with a roof and walls and have a small open doorway, smokers are more sheltered from rain, snow, wind and cold than by standing under an awning or overhang near your business entrance. In warmer months, the structure provides a comfortable shaded area where smokers can relax. The open doorway and the spaces between the shelter walls and the ground provide plenty of fresh air.

Smoking shelters are built with stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. The materials are used due to their resistance to fire, rust and corrosion. The acrylic glass used for the shelter walls is shatterproof and fire resistant. Polycarbonate technology is often used as well. They can be free-standing or three-sided to rest against an existing wall. Easy-to-install smoking shelters can be ordered off the Internet and put together by your own employees. Shelters of varying dimensions are available as well to hold the amount of smokers you expect at any given time.

Most business owners order a few accessories to add to their smoking shelter. The addition of at least one or two bins for collecting cigarette butts and other waste is strongly recommended. This reduces the risk of fire by collecting cigarette butts in a safe, fireproof bin while removing these unattractive objects from the ground and pavement around your building's entrance. Smokers are also more likely to use these facilities if some seating is included, such as a small bench which can be attached to one of the walls.

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