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Theta Cycle Stand - ST15

Theta Cycle Stand - ST15
£180.00 ex VAT
£216.00 inc VAT
Code: ST15
Size : 860mm high x 940mm wide
Delivery: 2 Weeks
Theta Cycle Stand

Similar to our ‘O’ Ring, this carefully designed and built cycle stand has an added cross tube for extra secure locking points.

The unique design of the Theta Cycle Stand is a popular alternative for the safe and secure parking of bikes. This novel stand is user friendly and

allows 2 bikes to be locked securely with both front and rear wheels. 

This durable stand is made from 60mm diameter tube and is well suited to commercial environments.

Theta Cycle Stand with Armoured Sheen Finish

Technical Specification;

Height: 860mm  Width: 940mm
Weight: Steel: 12 kilo, Stainless Steel: 10 kilo
Diameter: Steel: 60 x 3mm, Stainless Steel: 60 x 2.5mm
Fixing details: :  Bolt down base plate (but can be submerged in concrete)


ST15-GA - Galvanised no extra
ST15-GR - Galvanised and Powder Coated extra £15.00
ST15-BL - Rilsan® black nylon extra £15.00
ST15-SS - Stainless Steel extra £50.00 
ST15-AS - Armoured Sheen extra £65.00

See below for details and info on these options

Theta Cycle Stand with Armoured Sheen
Materials and Finishes


Only use of certified grades of stainless
steel, a premium grade 304L, is used to
manufacture the cycle stands ensuring a long
dependable service life.
After bending and welding they are hand polished
to a fine brushed finish.


Recognised for being long lasting and corrosion resistant.
All the galvanizing is certified to BS EN ISO 1461
and carried out after final manufacture ensuring a
consistently high product quality.


Used where a specific colour is required.
The stands are sweep blasted after galvanizing but
before coating to produce a key to ensure good
adhesion of the powder to the galvanized surface
minimising the risk of chipping.

A large range of RAL colours are available.


The ultimate long lasting thermoplastic coating for
steel. Rilsan® nylon is extremely hard wearing, scratch
and chip resistant, warm to the touch and kind to cycle frames.
The products are fully shot blasted before being
heated to 350oc and then dipped into the fluidized
bed of Rilsan® powder. On contact with the hotsurface the Rilsan®
melts and flows out to a smooth homogeneous coating fully encapsulating
the product, a process known as Rilsanisation
Rilsan® is made from a renewable plant source and
provides the perfect solution to corrosion without costing the earth.

An exciting new development for street furniture
offering not only a much tougher finish than
conventional stainless steel but also enjoying an
amazing, long lasting, and maintenance free surface.
The stainless steel cycle stands are shot peened
in the fully automatic wheelabrator to give a work
hardened, scratch resistant surface.

They are then electro-polished, which is the reversal
of the electroplating process where a small amount of
material is selectively removed, leaving a highly corrosion
resistant surface with a beautiful bright sheen finish.

BS EN specifications:

After bending, hot dip galvanized finish to BS EN ISO 1461.
Stainless steel type BS EN 10088-2, 1.4301 (304L).
Brushed satin polished to BS EN 10088-2, 2K (320 grit).
Steel tube to EN10219 S235
Theta Cycle Stand - ST15Theta Cycle Stand - ST15
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